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Richard Spangler at Hosanna Victory Center Richmond, Va.
with Lion's Heart Ministries
April 6,2014  Title: "It's Pay Back Time"

Jane Hamon 4-23-2014 from Elijah List
A Spiritual Cease and Desist Order!

Daniel chapter 7 tells us about the activity in the court of heaven. God is the Judge and Supreme Ruler and we are the Ekklesia...the church... Which in Greek is the legislative body ruling over the land. As we at Vision Church at Christian International have pondered this concept, one of our leaders, Dr. Chuck Lorrain, felt it was appropriate to write a lega...l statement to be presented in the court of heaven during a time of corporate meeting. Here is an example of a Cease and Desist Order he wrote for Believers to use in their Appeal to Heaven.

We, the corporate Body of Christ, as the legal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ here on earth, decree and declare to Satan and the powers of darkness the following cease and desist order:

You shall immediately—

Cease and desist your attacks on the physical bodies of the body of Christ

Cease and desist in robbing the financial resources of the body of Christ

Cease and desist in destroying the material possessions of the body of Christ

Cease and desist in stealing the vision of the body of Christ

Cease and desist in interfering with, or causing delay, in the promises of God to the body of Christ.

Cease and desist in causing lethargy and apathy in the body of Christ

Cease and desist in causing dullness of hearing in the body of Christ

Cease and desist in causing diminished vision in the body of Christ

Cease and desist in hindering the voice of the Lord from going forth to the body of Christ.

We further decree and declare that you shall return double of all that you have taken, stolen, or destroyed, with interest, to the body of Christ.

So shall it be executed on this day, the 23rd day of April 2014

So let it be done on earth as it is in heaven—


Prophetic Word: The Hour Has Come
Given: June 01,2014 
Tidewater Area Christian Fellowship
  Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
Rev.Richard L.Spangler
The Young Lions of Judah Part 2  (Taking the Mountains of Influence)
By Richard L. Spangler
 I went for my morning walk on Rosh Hashanah. As I was walking, I began to ponder what happened to the Young Lions. I was almost immediately caught up in a vision.
 I found myself standing on one of the Mountains of Influence. All around me there were demons. I felt a hand on my shoulder and there beside me stood Jesus. Jesus said, “Fear not. I have shielded you from the demons. As with me, they cannot see you or even sense we are here. Watch.” 
 I began to watch. But not only could I watch but I could sense what these demons were feeling. They had feelings of arrogance; this mountain belonged to them, and all that was on it was theirs’.
There were people on the mountain. They were influenced by the demons to make large heavy chains for themselves. They also made chains for other people. The people gladly accepted the chains and put them on themselves, as if they were receiving a coveted award. What they didn’t realize was that the chains were weighing them down, keeping them from becoming what they wanted to be. 
The demons heard the roar of lions from off in the distance. They stopped and looked up, but turned back to their work, unconcerned by the sound. Their arrogance rose up again. Some said, “This is our mountain. We have had it for a long time. It will always be ours.” The others nodded in agreement.
Suddenly, at the base of the mountain, an army of Young Lions of Judah appeared, surrounding the mountain. The lions began to roar, and the mountain started shaking. The demons were stunned but quickly recovered. They began to scream at the lions, all sorts of lies and those people under their began to do the same.
The lions ignored the lies and moved up the mountain. As the lions came near the demons, the started to run. But the lions were too quick for the demons, and they overtook them. The Lions bounced on the demons. Then, using their mouths, grabbed the demons by their necks. ( At this point, I wondered why the lions grabbed these disgusting creatures with their mouths. Then it came to me, “They overcame them by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” Words come out of the mouth.)The Lions lifted the demons off the ground and tossed them high into the air( like a child throwing a rag doll) and off the mountain. Then, lions would roar again and move to strike down the next demon.
In the midst of this battle, when the lions came across a person that was chained or one under that was under the influence of the demons, they changed. The lion's faces became as lambs; they began to love these people with the love of God and chains fell off.
I looked up the mountain, the principality, was ordering more demons to attack the lions. At this point, the second wave of more powerful lions joined the attack. Tossing the demons even higher into the air and they were landing in the valley with a resounding thud. The principality called out to the other mountains for reinforcements. I look towards the other mountains, and they were also under attack from the Lions of Judah. Demons everywhere are losing the mountains. The third wave of lions arrives and begin bounding up the mountain towards the principality. The principality cries out for help. In the distance, a black cloud rises and begins to move towards the mountains. I can see it is a massive army of demon warriors charging towards the mountains. I this point, I look at Jesus, and he says, “Now.” Immediately, there appears an army of warrior angels. The angels were twice the size of the largest demon and outnumbered the demon army two to one. The angels stopped the demons in the tracks.
 When, the principality, began to retreat, throwing more demons into the path of the lions but nothing stopped the lions. The third wave of lions reached the principality. They all grabbed the principality, and they all tossed principality high into the air. The principality goes so high that I could no longer see him. I look away from the mountain, and I see a cloud of black dust rising, I assume that is where the principality has landed.
The Lions are now on the top of the mountain, and they begin to roar in praise to our God. The people who have been set free joint in with choruses of praise and worship.The demons try to counter-attack and are easily defeated each time they attack. The war continues for what seems like years and years. Time is flying by faster than I can comprehend. 
All, at once there is a blinding flash of holy light. When I can see again, all the Lions and people they have set free are gone. There is a silence everywhere. Even the demons are stunned into silence at what just happened. Off in the distance, a black cloud descends and starts covering the earth.I look at Jesus, and he says, “It’s time to go.” 
I find myself, back walking and making my turn towards home.
                                                           © COPYRIGHT 2017 RICHARD L. SPANGLER