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Richard Spangler at Hosanna Victory Center Richmond, Va.
with Lion's Heart Ministries
April 6,2014  Title: "It's Pay Back Time"

Jane Hamon 4-23-2014 from Elijah List
A Spiritual Cease and Desist Order!

Daniel chapter 7 tells us about the activity in the court of heaven. God is the Judge and Supreme Ruler and we are the Ekklesia...the church... Which in Greek is the legislative body ruling over the land. As we at Vision Church at Christian International have pondered this concept, one of our leaders, Dr. Chuck Lorrain, felt it was appropriate to write a lega...l statement to be presented in the court of heaven during a time of corporate meeting. Here is an example of a Cease and Desist Order he wrote for Believers to use in their Appeal to Heaven.

We, the corporate Body of Christ, as the legal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ here on earth, decree and declare to Satan and the powers of darkness the following cease and desist order:

You shall immediately—

Cease and desist your attacks on the physical bodies of the body of Christ

Cease and desist in robbing the financial resources of the body of Christ

Cease and desist in destroying the material possessions of the body of Christ

Cease and desist in stealing the vision of the body of Christ

Cease and desist in interfering with, or causing delay, in the promises of God to the body of Christ.

Cease and desist in causing lethargy and apathy in the body of Christ

Cease and desist in causing dullness of hearing in the body of Christ

Cease and desist in causing diminished vision in the body of Christ

Cease and desist in hindering the voice of the Lord from going forth to the body of Christ.

We further decree and declare that you shall return double of all that you have taken, stolen, or destroyed, with interest, to the body of Christ.

So shall it be executed on this day, the 23rd day of April 2014

So let it be done on earth as it is in heaven—


Prophetic Word: The Hour Has Come
Given: June 01,2014 
Tidewater Area Christian Fellowship
  Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
Rev.Richard L.Spangler

2015:A Year of Blessing and Focus
By Richard L. Spangler

The Lord is saying this a year of Blessings and a year of moving forward in Him. So set your focus on what is ahead. Do not look back to what was, good or bad. But look forward to what is coming. Set your focus to look ahead.
  The one who is running a race, focused on what is ahead. Focusing on what is behind (what was) will cause you to slow down and even stumble and fall. Looking back will cause you to miss some of the blessings I have for you.
  Do not get distracted. Be as a lion that does not get distracted by those things going on around him. The lion stays focused on his prey until he captures it. Then it is his. Do likewise, keep focused on what I have called you do this year and you will capture the blessings that I have you.
  Keep your focus on your relationship with me says the Father. Move closer to me and I will move closer to you. I want you to know me better this year. Walk by my side, listen to my voice. Speak what I tell you speak. See what I am doing, move with me, and do what I do. 
There will be great blessings in this year, if you set your focus me. The choice is yours, focus on what is behind or focus on me and what is ahead and be blessed.