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The Young Lions of Judah
                                                                                                                    By Richard L. Spangler

The Lord spoke to me about fifteen years ago that He was going to show me the Young Lions of Judah and that I was to encourage them in who they are to become. At first, I only saw a few here and there, but now I am beginning to see them everywhere I go. Recently, the Lord gave me this vision about the Young Lions of Judah.
I was caught up in the Spirit and found myself standing on top of a high mountain. I look down and see a large valley, extending as far as the eye can see. In the distance, I see other mountains surrounding the valley. 
I see something moving in the mountains; I focus my eyes on one of the mountains, and to my surprise, I see young lions, male and female moving over the top of the mountain and down into the valley. It is the same on each mountain, 1,000’s and multiplied 1,000’s of lions, all moving into the Valley. 
I was expecting to see a lot of fighting among the lions to establish their seniority and authority. Instead, the lions acknowledged each other and seemly took up assigned positions in the valley. The movement continued until the valley was full of lions. Suddenly, all the lions bow their heads and then raised their heads and roared in unison. The roar of all these lions was deafening and shook the mountain. 
 I wonder what all this means. I hear the voice of the Lord behind me, I turn around, and there stands Jesus. 
Jesus spoke, “You are looking at the Valley of Judah. The Lions that have gathered here are the Young Lions of Judah. 
I have commanded them to gather. They have come from their caves and dens, where I kept them until this time. Now is their time.The roar was their worship, and it shakes both the spiritual and physical realms, for they worship in the unity of the Holy Spirit. But, there is more, Watch.”
I turn back to look at the lions. The Lions begin separating into eight different lions prides. Seven of the lion prides move off in seven different directions, but the eighth pride remained in the Valley.
 Before I can ask the Lord explains, “The seven pride of lions are moving to take the seven mountains of influence. The eighth pride remains behind to worship and train.”
 I asked, “Train?”
The Lord says, “Watch.”
I look and see more young lions coming. These lions are bigger and stronger than the first group that gathered. I watched, as the lions that remained behind, move among this new group, guiding them to their positions in the valley. The eighth group grew larger and even more powerful than the new group as they did the work they were assigned. Once, they were all gathered, and in position, the eighth group of young lions roared. Then, all the lions roared in unison of worship. Their worship sent shock waves of power into the atmosphere. The mountain I am standing on began shaking more violently than before. I could barely stand during the roar, as the mountain shook.
Then as before, lion prides formed. Seven of the lion prides move off to the seven mountains of influence. The eighth pride remained behind. There was a difference, as I watched this eighth pride, these lions grew even larger and more powerful as the other lions were leaving. Again I looked towards the mountains surrounding the Valley of Judah, and more lions were coming. These lions were even bigger and more powerful than the second group of lions. The eighth lion pride did their work, guiding this new group of lions. The lions of this eighth pride continued to grow even larger and stronger as they did their work. Again, the lions, roared, together, in worship. The sound of their roar was deafening, with explosions of power in the atmosphere. The shaking of the mountain was so strong that I could not stand.  
This time, almost all the lions left the Valley of Judah and moved towards the seven mountains of influence. The small pride of lions that remained continued roaring, and the mountains continually shook under the power of their worship.
I looked to the Lord and began to speak, “The second group of lions is the children of the first group. The third group is the children of the second. The children, have the DNA of parents and learned from them, growing larger and stronger than their parents.” 
I started to ask a question, but the Lord continued. “This does not involve chronological age but the heart of the individual. There are many Young Lions of Judah that have gray hair on the outside, but I have kept the hearts young, and I will give them strength to do what they are called to do.” 
The vision closed and I got a sense of the timing in my spirit. The first group of Young Lions is gathering now. The next group of lions will come together in about ten years, and the third group will come about ten years later. 

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